Publicity and Links

Publicity for our #refusethestraw campaigns is just starting. You can find articles about us at the following links:

July 2017: Living Life Our Way

July 2017: Radio Verulam Environment Matters Podcast

August 2017: Herts Advertiser article

January 2018: Pebble Magazine article

There are lots of other excellent campaigns out there who are working to reduce single use plastics, who you may want to visit or follow:


Plastic Free Pledge – a Brighton-based campaign against plastic straws, now going national! This is the umbrella under which our campaign sits

Surfers Against Sewage – 30 years of campaigning for cleaner UK coastlines, now working against single use plastics

Straw Wars – a campaign in Soho to get rid of plastic straws

Sea Straw – campaigning against single use plastic in Manchester

Families for a Bright Future – working to make Bath a plastic straw-free city

Bristol Refuse the Straw – a campaign in Bristol to get rid of plastic straws

Last Straw Glasgow – campaigning against plastic straws in Glasgow

No Straw Stand – fighting a war on straws in Cardiff

Ban the Straw New Forest


The Last Plastic Straw – a global movement against plastic straws

Lonely Whale – marine plastic campaigners running an excellent #stopsucking campaign

Bas Les Pailles – campaigning against the use of plastic straws in France

Straw Free – a campaign in southern California advocating that we go straw free, or use a bamboo alternative

Straw Heroes – hugely successful campaign to get rid of plastic straws in Bali.

Project Zero – US based charity with a global impact, working to save our oceans. Also kind providers of our fantastic graphics!